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On 3 Aug 1995, Matt Davies wrote:

>On Wed, 2 Aug 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:
>> On Wed, 2 Aug 1995, David Langston wrote:
>> >
>> > I haven't seen it yet, but "Waterworld" looks like another
>> > right-wing apocalyptic fantasy in which the world has
>> > been reduced to primitive tribal conflict <clip>
>> Louis Proyect:
>> You actually touch on something interesting here. The murky worlds of the

>> militia incorporate a number of "back to the land" types of themes. With
>> mainstream environmentalism in the back pocket of the oil companies, its
>> no surprise that rural Americans soak up a lot of right-wing ideas.
>> Costner may be viewed from within this context. Anyhow, I might be wrong.
>I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but yesterday the New York Times
>published some excerpts from the Unabomber's manifesto.  The lead article
>characterized him as "anti-technology" and anti-science; kind of a "left"
>back-to-the-land type.  (It also tried to link him to Science for the
>People, by innuendo of course.)  If I can get a few minutes, I'll try to
>write something more focussed on the manifesto for the list; anyone else
>see it?  Does the right have a monopoly on these back-to-the-land
>fantasies?  I'm thinking of Kirkpatrick Sale's new-and-improved Luddism
>as a left version, maybe, and historically, the 19th centurey anarchists
>like Proudhon.

 That's funny. This waterworld thread seems actually to metamorphose into
something quite interesting. These back-to-the-land ideas, be they left,
right or centre, have one thing in common: They are ignorant and/or cynical.
 We are five billion people (and change) on the earth today. Were we hunters
and collectors, the earth could provide for only ten million of us. I guess
that is just a calculation of available surface area divided by necessary
surface area per individual. Time is also a limited resource since, if
nothing else fails, the sun will eventually get too small to sustain us.
Only Technology and Science can provide a solution to that one.
 With Technology and Science *more* people get to experience the fantastic
thing called life.

Are there any other absolute values?

Otto Medin

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