Bryan A. Alexander bnalexan at umich.edu
Wed Aug 9 13:38:12 MDT 1995

Of course the Croats are committing atrocities.  This surprises no-one
who has looked at the situation.
	The anarchist tells me: what we are seeing are the concommitant
birth pangs of national states.  France, the US, et al need to be built
on a quantum of violence (a different quantum is needed for their
maintenance).  Yugoslavia is being broken apart, but certain actors are
making new states up, and will as always kill and destroy for this end.
	Bosnia doesn't seem to be doing this nearly so much, for a
variety of reasons.  It is already a state, and doesn't need to create
one.  Most of its war has been imposed from without.  Its state politics
are much more fluid and confused, but towards survival, not expansion.
I'm surprised, to a degree, that it has not committed large scale
atrocities.  The anarchist needs to mull this one over a bit.

Bryan Alexander
Department of English
University of Michigan

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