Identity politics up your ass

Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Wed Aug 9 19:59:18 MDT 1995

Since I am so busy, I'm glad there are plenty of others out there
to jump on Leo Casey's comic book rendition of Marxism.  Once
again the uselessness of academia is manifest.  There are three
significant blunders I hope others will nail Casey on, if I don't
find the time.

(1)  The significance and efficacy of the CPUSA's Black Belt

(2)  The relation of American Trotskyism to Black Americans,

(3)  The legend of Marx's anti-semitism, particularly the
bone-headed ignorance on the meaning of Marx's essay on the Jewish

On the last issue, I suggest first of all an acquaintance with
Bruno Bauer's position which Marx sought to refute.  To get some
historical background on Marx's relation to matters Jewish I
suggest "The ugly Marx: analysis of an 'outspoken anti-Semite'" by
Helmut Hirsch, THE PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM, vol. 8., nos. 2-4, pp.
150-162.  This special issue devoted to the Young Hegelians
includes Bauer's essay also.  Rob Frantz would do well to consult
this volume rather than the notorious anti-communist propaganda
book -- dishonest in its fraudulent title alone -- from
Philosophical Library he cites.  I'm quite disgusted with the
treatment of Marx's essay on this list.

Otherwise, I hope this childish defense of identity politics will
cease and we can move on to more rewarding topics of discussion.
Just so you know, any piece of literature that uses words such as
"site", "gaze", "essentialism", "naturalize", "discourse" -- you
know the lexicon -- automatically goes into my wastebasket.  If
you can't write English prose, dear professors, please kiss my ass
on the way out.

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