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Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Thu Aug 10 00:27:03 MDT 1995

On Wed, 9 Aug 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> You can't duck fast enough to get out of this one, JimJ.  Sometimes
> you start to look pretty decent to me, and then you go and do
> something like this.  Absolutely disgusting.  I'd rather eat live
> cockroaches than get crap like this showing up on my screen.

	Talk about kneejerk, Lisa...

> So what if your view is common?  So is gonorrhea, but that's no
> reason to "point it out", show it off and spread it around.
> *You* know the definition of "human"?  Notify the theologians _and_
> the biologists!  All debate can now be ended.

	I purposely DIDN"T want to be put in this situation -- which is
why I couched my argument the way I did.  Obviously a waste of time

> And obviously every silly girl has abortions "lightly" as a "first
> choice" - just like popping a zit - and that is why we need you and
> your ilk to be always reminding us to take it seriously!  Golly, I
> fergot they was gonna ram a tube up my cervix, gud thing yu were here
> to give me the true conception about it, uh, duh...

	Don't go putting words in my mouth.

> Nauseating.
> Maybe you ought to take seriously the objectifying oppression that
> would use a fully grown human person as a life-support-machine.  Or
> the fact that pregnancy + delivery have a higher death rate than
> abortion.
> Go caution the anti-choice crowd about that - child-bearing "should
> not be undertaken lightly".  In fact, it also has enormous effects on
> all those living around the life-support-machine.  Surely the machine
> should consider the interests of those who *don't* want it to
> gestate...
> I think the so-called father of an embryo should have every right to
> custody - in a jar, just after the painful bloody invasive procedure.
>  About the time that he can have it implanted in himself and then
> create it into a human being, build it out of his own flesh and
> blood, risk his own mortality, give up his body, nutrition, health,
> mobility, time and life, he can have it.  (Of course, that won't stop
> mom from suing for custody after he gives birth.)

	Gee, Lisa -- I think you're dead wrong here...  And I was REALLY
careful to say that the woman has all the legal rights in the matter.

	So you think the father has ABSOLUTELY no interest in the matter
then??  On this matter we will disagree -- and I think many pro-choice
women would disagree with you too...

> Otherwise, he is in the position of a capitalist, saying b-b-but, but
> I only want the use of your labor-power and the product of your
> labor, it's not my fault that you have to give up your life along
> with it, that you have to be there with it, body, soul, life,
> occupational hazards and all, that doesn't make it slavery.....

	Boy, what have YOU been smoking..?

	This is like trying to discuss oppression of Blacks -- and being
called-out for being a `Whitey'...

	Shoulda let my SISTER handle this one (you don't think I would've
ventured my post without knowing what SOME pro-choice women think, do

	Take a Vallium. eh...    :>


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