The Hermeneutics of Closed and Open Minds (was "Leo Casey...")

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Thu Aug 10 03:33:59 MDT 1995

	A postponed message -- what can I say??

On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> Were there mass imprisonments, mass purges, mass executions in the USSR in
> the 1970s? Of course, Brezhnev's USSR was hardly a model of free expression
> and democratic self-rule, but neither is Yeltsin's Russia. Is Yeltsin a
> Stalinist?

	So you're saying that one of the main distinguishing features of
stalinism is mass oppression, up to and including genocide?

> Rand's temperament may have been authoritarian, but her antistatism makes
> her anti-fascist by the very definition of fascism.

	Fine.  Let's call her a NEO-fascist... and now we'll have to
figger out what THAT means...

> I feel like that line in A.R. Ammons' poem "Sphere," where he conjures up
> Matthew Arnold jumping out of the bushes to remind us to preserve the
> essential distinctions...

	Your allusion totally escapes me...


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