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>Louis Proyect:
>Leo Casey is up to his usual standards of scrupulous scholarship when he
>talks about the Zulus. The NY Times and every other mainstream
>publication reported that the ANC enjoyed the support of most Zulus,
>despite the considerable Afrikaner support for the demagogue Buthalezi.
>The support for the ANC would have been much higher in Zulu areas if
>Inkhata gun-thugs hadn't made it nearly impossible to conduct open
>political and electoral work on behalf of the ANC.
>As far as Ireland is concerned, the Irish are one people. The Ulster
>minority should retain democratic and civil liberties in a united
>Ireland, just as Afrikaners now enjoy in South Africa. This was the
>position of nationalists like James Connolly.
>Leo Casey makes things appear difficult when they are actually quite
>simple. The reasons things appear difficult to him is that he is using
>methods of analysis other than Marxism and this will get you in trouble
>every time.

If history is neglected then the solutions of problems is impossible.

The history of the divisions in Ireland did not start 25 years ago but some
300 years ago. The "Majority" in the north is the results of the
gerymandering of the boarder between north and south by the British.

The Zulus in South Africa only started to claim independence under pressure
form Gatcha Butelezi in the last few years. Since the establishment of a
unified "White" state in 1920's the call of the black people has not been
for a set of independent states but for democracy in a unified South Africa.

Is there a principle? I think not a simple one.

1) Who drew the boarders?
2) What will be the result of new boarders?
3) A single economic system? With global capital?
4) Cultural unity? Whose culture? Disneyland?
5) If for me then why not for you? How small is a nation?

Is there a principal. Yes full open democratic discussion at all levels over
a considerable time to find the solution to the economic, cultural, and
other problems of the people irrespective of their cultural economic and
other differences. To raise any single item to a major or sole criterion is

It is interesting to look at many of the so called national movements and
disagreements and how many of them arise due to the activities of the
British and other imperialists in the past.

I take it that " just as Afrikaners now enjoy in South Africa" is a
typographical error and Africans  are meant.

Ron Press

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