women, and JimJ on PC

Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Thu Aug 10 13:18:49 MDT 1995

        Your replies to Jim have been totally correct as far as I know, but
there is a way you can attack him on his own grounds, that is of the priority
of the working class.

        Any effort to subject abortion to moral criteria (and the opposite is
to acknowledge abortion is, as it is, a perfectly whimsical right, like
trimming one's fingernails)--turns the workers' movement into a religion, by
declaring some non-class absolute (the moral criteria for abortion) as prior to
class unity. But class unity, or the struggle for class unity, come's as close
to a social absolute as Marxism can allow. And it can be established
empirically that whenever women's interests as women have been denied, class
unity has crumbled or has not been built.

        So as long as Jim holds to his position that abortion *must* be a moral
decision, he is in effect a class traitor.
        Carrol Cox
<The above is off the top of my head and not carefully argued, but it can be
(and I myself have done so in the past), and it is a crucial point for building
working class unity>

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