Specious ideologies, taboos, & meritricious intellectuals

robert scheetz 76550.1064 at compuserve.com
Thu Aug 10 14:09:35 MDT 1995

Marx says(please no pedantry) something to the effect that every stereotype is
born from a kernal of truth .  This and his "anti-semitism" were intellectually
 for me a long time ago.  The bourgeois liberal practice of substantivizing
accidental identities makes for tyrannies.  My personal experience
is with the Irish Catholic ghetto, and am as a result unequivocally anti-Irish.

I was forced to inhabit a world dominated by  priests, bishops, cops, judges,
politicians, whose supreme merit was the "Mc" in their surname...overbearing,
parasitical, narcissistic and culturally insipid but for all  that, no whit
behindhand  at
enforcing the most obtuse and retrograde ghetto polity/piety.  I have supposed
Marx's experience analogous.
     There is a "mafia" quality to these "identity politics".  When WASP-ism was
"it" during the first half of the century, you had to be a cheeseknife
to rise or get the business.  I'm told that you have to be gay to qualify in NY
performing "arts" world, from the soaps to the symphany.  Farakhan's theology
of the "original man" etc. is Mau Mau bully-boy jive.  Israel and its near
backing in the American Jewish community for ethnic cleansing Palestinians and
proxying for US imperialist purges the while trumpeting the evil of Nazism is a
masterpiece of  bourgeois barbarism cum hypocrasy.  And Feminism...Rogers' &
last posts would make a stalinist blush.

By their nature they excite a countervaling force, which, of course, among the
fraction takes an ugly form...at which they attitudinize righteous outrage...at
which...and so

So much for bourgeois taboos.

Hey Louis, when Hickey comin?

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