Marx's "anti-Semitism"

Scott Solomon ss341 at
Thu Aug 10 14:36:33 MDT 1995

> Louis Proyect:
> Look, when I get around to tackling this question, you will find no stone
> unturned in my posts. I just don't have enough time right now to do a
> serious job. I know some people view the Internet as a form of
> entertainment, a way to kill time so to speak, but this is not what I'm
> interested in. When I get around to Marx and the Jewish question, I will
> put in the same effort I'm putting in now around Zimmerwald, etc. If you
> want to see the kind of work I put into my posts, check the FTP archive
> for my articles on computers, socialism, ecology, etc. Believe me, Rob,
> there's nothing in the world that I await with more eager anticipation
> than your off-the-top-of-the-head replies to my posts, but for the time
> being you'll just have to find somebody else to joust with (btw, the word
> is joust, not joist).

Scott Solomon:
Louis babe . . . you don't need to keep getting so pissed off, pal.  To
quote Butthead, "Settle down, Beavis!"  I'm worried about you getting so
wound up all the time.  The "gloves are coming off", you're a "puff
adder", you're going to do a thorough study of the Zimmerwald Left then
you're going to tear through Mandel's _Late Capitalism_, then you're
going to rip through Rob.  Not to mention the time you lavish on the FTP

Really, Louis.  Nobody's even paying you for this crap!  Take it easy!
What you really need is a nice girlfriend.  Have a decent bottle of wine
once in a while.

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can't be beat for hot air . . .  Cast iron.  That's him.  He's secretary
of the Bricklayers and Roofers' Union of Vanves La Revolte.  Elected no
less.  His buddies are proud of Leonce, the lazy pugnacious bastard.  For
pimping on the labor movement he hasn't his equal.

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