David Hannigan davidha at
Thu Aug 10 16:29:38 MDT 1995

Having just joined the list, I missed the beginning of the discussion
regarding self-determination, nationalism and Ireland in particular,
however I just wanted to mention that I have somewhere (now in a box, in
another country) a book about Marx and the Irish Question, in fact that
may have been the title...the thing is I never did get around to reading anyone familiar with the book?  What if anything does it offer
concerning "principles" of self-determination?

And with regard to the following:

> In a message dated 95-08-09 22:39:38 EDT, Paul C. writes:
> >vis a vis Ireland and South Africa
> >
> >The war in ireland these last 20 years stems from an
> >unwillingness by Irish irredentism to recognise the
> >rights of the Ulster Scots to self determination.

I think not only Ulster Scots, but Scots every where have the right to
self-determination...of Scotland that is!


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