On Abrotion

LeoCasey at aol.com LeoCasey at aol.com
Thu Aug 10 18:05:14 MDT 1995

Carrol Cox writes:

> Any effort to subject abortion to moral criteria (and the opposite is
>to acknowledge abortion is, as it is, a perfectly whimsical right, like
>trimming one's fingernails)--turns the workers' movement into a religion, by
>declaring some non-class absolute (the moral criteria for abortion) as prior
>class unity.

Please do not pretend that comparing an abortion to trimming one's
fingernails is _not_ a moral judgment. It clearly is.

The point of a woman's right to choose is not that abortion involves no moral
questions, but that the woman is the moral agent who is best fit and has the
right to make the moral choices. Or in other words, does anyone really think
that the state, by itself or in league with others (the 'father'), is more
capable of and more likely to make a better moral choice than the woman? Not

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