Louis Proyect and his fears

Rob Frantz rfrantz at u.washington.edu
Fri Aug 11 11:01:09 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect has cybernetically deleted me and my friend Scott Solomon from
his cyberlife. That is his cyberprivilege and I accept my cyberfate. However,
unless the entire Marxism list wants to shut off, as Louis describes me,
this "social-democrat with the hots for Hayek," until the entire Marxism
list wishes to follow the path of Louis' hero Lenin, who also deleted all
opposition from his political life, I will speak my mind and Louis,
cloistered in his chapel of Bolshevik dreams, might finally hit the books
and provide us with the brilliant research on "The Jewish Question (oh
how I love the ring of it, "The Jewish QUESTION"!).
Louis, in his first post decrying the "canard" of charging Marx with being
anti-Semitic, quoted, oh so proudly, from two books. As I metioned in my
answer to him, I've read one of them, Israel Shahak's, Jewish History-The
Weight of Three Thousand Years (Pluto Press, 1995). It's so curious that
Louis wants to do with Marx's anti-Semitism just what Shahak lambasts
Jewish liberals for, sweeping under the rug all negative/xenophopic/racistly
anti-Gentile attitudes in Orthodox Judaism, so as not to wash dirty
laundry in public and give anti-Semites grist for their mill. It's
quite clear that this discussion of Marx's anti-Semitism has touched a
very raw nerve in Louis, a Jew, like me. He wants so much to be a liberator
against racism and religious bigotry. He wants so much to be percieved as
being on the side of the future, that when he looks at the anti-Semitic
words of his mentor Marx, he wishes to delete them, put them in a kill file.
Louis wants clean hands, so he cyberkills and intellectually deletes. Maybe
he'll find peace. Maybe.

Rob "Blow Harmonica Blow" Frantz

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