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Your recent post (parts below) is well-said. I've always been confused by
the anti-moralist strain within Marxism, because moral skepticism leaves
us without any basis on which to condemn capitalism or recommend a move
to socialism. It also doesn't seem to be the best way to reconstruct
Marx's views themselves.

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> As for marxism and morality, it may be claimed that moral or ethical
> theory in marxism remains underdeveloped, but that is not the same as
> saying that there can be no moral argument on a marxian basis.  One of my

> I share these views of yours, and I think that recognition of your
> capacity (I won't enter the more nebulous world of "rights") to determine
> the basis for deciding how to live your life is one of the moral stones
> with which arguments about class emancipation can be built.  But both you
> and Carol Cox have wanted to distance yourselves from looking for a moral
> basis for your capacity to decide, and I fear that's a slippery slope.
> Surely you don't think it's a purley pragmatic or practical issue?  Was
> the abolition of slavery only an expedient?  And is *any* reason really
> moral?
> Matt Davies

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