Fri Aug 11 16:12:50 MDT 1995

This is one of the reasons I stay on this list.

Thank you very much for posting this article.  It addresses several
very important topics, as well as the fact that the "Curtis defense"
is not based on evidence.

I am indeed familiar with that campaign, as the local SWP has tried
to hook me into it right here in Salt Lake City.  Without anything
else to go on, how could I tell the difference between that and any
story somebody tells about Mumia?  That's why I have also very much
appreciated seeing documentation regarding Mumia on this list, rather
than the empty SWP claim "he's left, so it's a frame-up".  (For the
record, Mark Curtis got no money from me!)

I wish for everyone to read the whole article that SSolomon posted,
it's about sexism, racism and leftism, I found it very insightful and
related to several current threads on this list.  (Whether or not it
redeems SS from his other sins. :> )

Lisa Rogers

Scott Solomon:
I was curious whether the readers of this list were familiar with an
ongoing campaign of the US Socailist Workers Party.  A description
follows: {snipped}

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