Abortion and Marxism

robert scheetz 76550.1064 at compuserve.com
Fri Aug 11 21:25:50 MDT 1995

Re this latest "feminist" offerring: Can it really be that no one else finds
it demented?  Jaszewski?

  Marxism is a humanism, compassing, that is to say, an old (the LTV is a
of Luther) and very conservative normative tradition.  Cox points out
the  radical individualist, character of the language of "choice"; also very
apparent is the
alienation/reification of one's biology, and a proprietary sense of one's
relationship to it, all
bourgeois formulations.  It is very far from Marxism...and very much in the
moral context
of bourgeois post-modern nihilism.  It is the brave-new-world, bourgeois
which promises us many wonders of  bio-engineering...brrrrrr.
     Against this nihilism, Marxism posits the "maker" of value, and the
of the Humanist community has to be the sacrality of life.  Obviously, abortion
contradicts this in an absolute fashion,...supporting it cuts the ground from
under us.

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