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On Sat, 12 Aug 1995, jwalker wrote:

> And my point is that I've never encountered any woman who didn't take
> the matter incredibly seriously and for who it wasn't an emotionally
> wrenching decision if they decided to abort. This holds, in my
> experience, no matter how pro-choice and feminist the woman is.

	And I'm sure for many women, that's exactly the case.

> So I think that the whole matter of women not "facing up to the reality"
> of what they're doing is a red herring, a bit of propaganda strewn about
> by anti-abortion forces.

	I'm sure they use that one all the time, but I'm sure it's also
effective because there's more than just a grain of truth in it...

	Let me also say here that the Abortion Issue is far from my
personal experience, so I'm quite unaware of what words push what buttons
here (buttons are CLEARLY being pushed here) -- but my understanding of
reality beyond my own personal experience is just as good (in my
experience) as that beyond the experience of most other people, including
passionate pro/con choicers -- so my grasp of what has motivated women in
the past, or women whom you all have never met, is about as valid as
your'n (which is, I suppose, pretty moot on ALL sides without `empirical'

> OK, you didn't say "must consider", you said "should consider". But I'm
> not sure that I've misunderstood you in any more important way. Actually
> Dennis expressed the point I wanted to make better than I did -- it's the
> question what this "considering" comes to, if the woman retains all the
> legal rights. Not a whole bloody lot, it seems to me.

	So what's your point?

> I do understand that you didn't intend to limit women's legal rights with
> this consideration -- I was just trying to explain why people were
> reacting to you so vehemently. I still think that part's right: the
> fathers' rights stuff, politically, is an effort to limit women's rights.

	Any reference I made to `Fathers' Rights' was purely to point up
the easy target `Absolutist' Pro-Choicers set themselves up as when they
come-on so overwhelmingly...


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