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Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at
Sat Aug 12 08:53:26 MDT 1995

Some recent posts have betrayed all too much personal animosity, it seems.

It is true that there are some arguments that are probably not worth
pursuing.  So let us quietly not pursue them.  There are many other
discussions worth having and points worth making.

A couple of suggestions:

Perhaps when someone makes a statement that we can not stand, yet feel it
is not worth contesting, we should make a mental note *not* to invite them
to dinner in the near future (this could be envisaged as the "fiancee
function.").  That should be punishment enough, and more productive than
conducting an email vendetta.

It is quite possible that drinking and the internet don't mix: think
before you drink before you post (and "clunk click" every trip).

Finally, I note that many participants on the marxism list write from
university addresses.  I can only presume that they are all famous
distinguished professors with time on their hands and graduate student
research assistants, as well as multiple secretarial help.  I feel they
are not pulling their weight in the discussions at present.  If it's so
easy for them to churn out all those books, thus keeping Eric "Mr.
Routledge"  Zinner in business, surely they can think through and solve
some of the important and pressing problems we face in the modern world.
Out of those armchairs!  Hell, the Fall semester hasn't even started yet.

Plus this would have the added advantage of giving Eric a little free
time, and no doubt improve the quality and frequency of his communications.


Take care


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Literature Program
Duke University
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