[PEN-L:139] Appeal for international solidality

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Sat Aug 12 19:51:45 MDT 1995

	Here's part of a message from PEN-L asking for solidarity with
chinese unionists.

	Here's an important question for the list, comrades:  what should
be our party line regarding the Chinese Communist Party??

On Fri, 11 Aug 1995, Francis Lau wrote:

> In the aftermath of the June 4th commemmoration, the April Fifth Action,
> Hong Kong, would like to make an appeal to the international community to
> denounce the assaults made by the Chinese Government against political
> activists, especially the workers, in China.
> The activists in China have put up a beroic fight in the last couple of
> months. There have been workers protests, petitions and press conferences.
> These are signs that the Chinese Democracy Movement has made important
> progress since the June 4th crackdown six years ago.
> Because of this, the Chinese Government has stepped up its repressions, for
> fear that the Movement might present a serious threat when social discontent
> and unrest have been building up for the last two to three years. Dozens of
> organisers have already been arrested in the past few months, among whom are
> Wei Jin-sang, Wong Dan, Lau Nin-chun and Chan Chi-ming, just to name a few
> prominent ones.
> The Chinese Government has been especially brutal to workers who organise
> union activities. Three workers in Shencheng, just across the border of Hong
> Kong, were arrested last year for organising unions and distributing
> handbills. Unconfirmed reports said that they were sentenced to long prison
> terms.


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