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Jim Jaszewski jjazz at
Sat Aug 12 21:20:10 MDT 1995

On Sat, 12 Aug 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Who needs the "Christian Right" as long as we have JimJ?

	I'm getting pretty tired of your brow-beating Rogers -- take your
frustrations out on an appropriate bugbear.

> Valerie: We know what the battering ram od the Christian right is   -
> but thanks for reminding us - it's always refreshing to know that a
> Marxist brother has taken the ime out to familiarize himself with the
> Christian posturing on the abortion issue.

	You're completely unfair and I resent you whipping up this little
storm -- frankly, it's not unlike the time you butted-into another
argument and made it carry on ten-times longer than it probably


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