"anti-Semitism"/Neumann/Pachter -Reply

Sat Aug 12 22:08:29 MDT 1995

Rakesh, now this makes a lot of sense to me.  Thanks for such a post.
I was sure that there was something more interesting and complex
going on with Marx' "anti-Semitism" than "yes he was" or "no he
wasn't" or "why was or wasn't he".

I look forward to more.
Lisa Rogers

>>> jones/bhandari <djones at uclink.berkeley.edu>  8/11/95, 09:42pm >>>
As for Marx's own anti-semitism (which to me is not as interesting as
Marxian explanation of modern anti-semitism),  I recommend Henry
Pachter's famous essay "Marx and the Jews" in his Socialism in
History: Political Essays of Henry Pachter, ed. Stephen Eric Bronner.
Columbia. 1984.
Pachter does several things in this essay.

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