Abortion and Marxism

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Sat Aug 12 22:46:27 MDT 1995

On 11 Aug 1995, robert scheetz wrote:

> Re this latest "feminist" offerring: Can it really be that no one else finds
> it demented?  Jaszewski?
>   Marxism is a humanism, compassing, that is to say, an old (the LTV is a
> secularization
> of Luther) and very conservative normative tradition.  Cox points out
> the  radical individualist, character of the language of "choice"; also very
> apparent is the
> alienation/reification of one's biology, and a proprietary sense of one's
> relationship to it, all
> bourgeois formulations.  It is very far from Marxism...and very much in the
> moral context
> of bourgeois post-modern nihilism.  It is the brave-new-world, bourgeois
> technocracy,
> which promises us many wonders of  bio-engineering...brrrrrr.
>      Against this nihilism, Marxism posits the "maker" of value, and the
> arch-tenet
> of the Humanist community has to be the sacrality of life.  Obviously, abortion
> contradicts this in an absolute fashion,...supporting it cuts the ground from
> under us.

	Where does this come from?  And why would you characterize it as

	It makes some interesting points.  It's also very, uh, `debate'


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