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Sat Aug 12 23:21:54 MDT 1995

On Fri, 11 Aug 1995, David Hannigan wrote:

> Now, being relatively new to the list, let me bring a fresh perspective to
> this particular question:  while you certainly seem to be covered in shit,
> its source, at least from where I sit, seems to be a little closer to home.

	That remains to be seen...

> > I'm sure there have been _many_ women who've made the decision to pursue a
> > career over carrying a baby -- is this not an act that is at least open to
> > scrutiny?
> What is most definitely open to scrutiny is the manner in which you offer
> the question;  Career over carrying a baby?  It seems to me, that it is
> exactly this kind of narrowing of a woman's choice within the workforce
> (which is what your 'subsidiary' question does) that highlights attempts
> to tag as "a moral issue" that which amounts to a denial of power to
> women to choose to have an abortion or to enjoy pregnancy and motherhood
> without having to sacrifice a career and/or other aspects of their lives.

	This is not any choice _I_ have made for the woman.  This is a
very real choice the *capitalist system* has put to her.

	Don't you think that you too are shooting the messenger here??


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