marxism on abortion?? -Reply

Sun Aug 13 00:17:33 MDT 1995

I know about the Chinese line, that's what I'm afraid of.  What's
your line?  Just how much of myself as I now call *my* *self* must be
given up for socialism?  I want neither the Chinese forced abortion
or the Romanian ban on contraception, both claimed to serve the
respective "revolutions".

I guess I'd be more clear to say that I've assumed that a revolution
_desired_ by most of the list, or certainly myself, would not be
socializing my conception/contraception/abort/birth decisions.

What are the "economic conditions" to which you refer?  Is it about
population size and how many people can a country afford to feed?


>>> Paul Cockshott <wpc at>  8/11/95, 08:45pm >>>
Lisa: I have assumed so far that revolutionary social control of the
means of production does *not* include social control of my decisions
on reproduction.

Paul: This can not be decided in abstraction from the economic
conditions of the country. Revolutionary China certainly exerted
social control over reproduction, taking the line that any other view
was bourgeois liberalism.

For it to be a purely individual question presupposes certain
economic conditions.

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