Innovative US-Auto Labor Productivity Enhancement Strategies

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Sun Aug 13 12:12:55 MDT 1995

* In Dublin, Virginia, in April, Judge Colin Gibb declared that
Marshall Lineberry was entitled to unemployment benefits even
though he had been suspended from his job for fighting.  The
Volvo plant that employed Lineberry had a tradition in which a
man dressed as a rooster would playfully hassle any employee
reporting to work late for a shift.  When the rooster approached
Lineberry and cock-a-doodle-do'ed, Lineberry leaped at the
"rooster" and began choking him, the act for which he was
suspended.  Judge Gibb found that employees so hated the
tradition that someone would soon have attacked the rooster if
Lineberry hadn't. [Carthage Press-AP, 4-8-95]

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