triangulating Jaszewski

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Sun Aug 13 14:16:07 MDT 1995

Beasley-Murray, diplomatically, attributes Rogers' "abortion" polemic
to booze, I call it dementia...either way it provided a rare exhibition
of unmediated clinical data in which the following themes were
rendered pellucid:
1.  The insistent use of "I/Me", the egoistical construction of
     bourgeois radical individualism.
2.  The alienation from one's own biological being and its reification,
     as it were an "other" subject to the ontological status of a
     "thing", i.e. control/manipulation/disposal by an extraneous will.
3.  Private Property.  They don't say: "This body, this uterus,
     these overies, is me."  but, "This body is mine."  The over-arching
     trope in the abortion brief is this fundamental bourgeois tenet of the
     paramount sacrality the rights of private property.
4.  Matriarchy.  The assertion of exclusive power over reproducing
     the species.  The queen bee-drones paradigm.

Re this last, however, from the exaggerated, hysterical nature of their
(otherwise illogical seeing as they are, technically, in the ascendant) it seems
to represent a desparing response to the reality of an
increasingly trivialized status (the emerging patriarchal culture), the Medea

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