economic globalisation

Chris Burford cburford at
Sun Aug 13 23:01:38 MDT 1995

I also agree.

What should we be arguing about on this theme?


From: wpc at (Paul Cockshott)
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 20:13:50 PDT
Subject: Re: economic globalisation

I tend to agree that Will is right about Lenin's
Imperialism being past its sell by date.

It sought to explain imperialist war as a struggle
for colonies, and was almost certainly correct in that.
But we are, since 1975, beyond the colonial era
and the prospect of it being re-established is slight.
To talk as some marxists do of imperialism and the
danger of imperialist war is to live in a time warp.

If wars do break out between the major powers int
the future, they will not be explicable in terms
of Lenins pamphlet.

Beyond that, if we have passed out of imperialism,
the epoch of wars and thus of revolutions, political
strategy of communists has to take into account the
probability that we can not rely upon war to destabilise
the state. It must be done in some other way.

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