The Great Abortion Debate

Ryan Daum rdaum at
Sun Aug 13 19:09:09 MDT 1995

On Sun, 13 Aug 1995, Zodiac wrote:

> I have no problem with intractable differences of interest and opinion --
> that is what class war is about. But, as Dennis points out, there is no logic
> to most of the abortion "debate." It's personal and perjorative and
> irrational. I have never once read any of these endless abortion flame wars
> that contributed anything constructive passed, say, the opening three posts.

Among socialists, activists, and marxists there should be absolutely _no_
disagreement on a women's right to choose.  It is not a question which is
"personal and perjorative" -- it is not some abstract debate.  To label
it such is to use the words and ideology of the ruling class, who will
gladly call something subjective and personal the moment it becomes
threatening.  In this case, the establishment of an ethical principle around
a woman's right to choose is threatening because it establishes a
framework around which patriarchy in general is threatened.  Labeling the
debate subjective is irresponsible.  It is clearly a debate oriented
around objective and real situations of real people with real concerns
for their bodies and their lives.

> Ken.


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