The Great Abortion Debate -- WARNING: Post 3 in thread! :)

Zodiac zodiac at
Sun Aug 13 20:56:33 MDT 1995

You are preaching to the converted, Ryan. A woman's right to an abortion
should be invioable. I don't personally consider it an issue. And I will
not budge an inch on it.

However, the manner in which one presents one's argument is the issue
Dennis raised. And it IS something I consider an issue.

> disagreement on a women's right to choose.  It is not a question which is
> "personal and perjorative" -- it is not some abstract debate.  To label
> it such is to use the words and ideology of the ruling class, who will
> gladly call something subjective and personal the moment it becomes
> threatening.

Reread Dennis's post and mine. The "question" is not in question. Rather the
emotional nature of the arguments. There is nothing rational and measured
about them (or "scientific", if you must).

Your post here is an example. You are attempting to do exactly what I was
commenting on -- setting up a strawman argument (i.e., that I said the
abortion issue was a subjective debate), which thereby enables you to get
indignant. Now I am supposed to reply in kind... (But I think I'll pass).

But if all went according to plan, I would now respond in kind with a
strawman argument of my own, which you would find even more insulting,
generating more heat, you'd return with one, etc., etc. We would be talking
past each other the whole time -- though righteous in our conviction we were
somehow doing some good in that.

This is how trolling works in social forums. You find an issue that gets
people get emotional and lose their ability to read clearly or calmly. And
abortion is probably the greatest trolling tool in existence at the moment.

Anyway -- this is post number three in this abortion thread.  Definitely
the last I'm posting... :)


P.S. If you ever find a constructive abortion thread in netnews, save it
and forward it to me, Ryan. I'd like to print it out and frame it. ;-)

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