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Mon Aug 14 02:15:12 MDT 1995

On Mon, 14 Aug 1995, Chris Burford quoted a pamphlet:

> "We should not be surprised. This is a government which has racist
> asylum laws, keeps asylum seekers locked up for years without even a
> hearing; puts thousands of people out of work and forces thousands
> of young people onto the streets; breaks up the National Health Service
> and state education. Even worse, apart from a few notable exceptions,
> so-called Labour party - the loyal Tony Blair opposition has supported
> the policy of the government of John Major and Douglas Hurd on Bosnia
> from the beginning.

	I would just like to add that wunnerful KKKanada has the same
policy as the Evil British Empire:  while the hypocritical KKKanadian
government (doesn't matter what stripes) waxes eloquent on the world stage
and in the UN about Human Rights, it is detaining dozens(?) of people
without due process in hotel/prisons and jails (sometimes for years(?) and
deporting most after disgusting kangaroo court/Star Chamber summary


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