Theory and practice

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Tue Aug 15 00:33:33 MDT 1995


Isn't it all about money? National accounts record things or services
exchanged for money; there may be exchanges of money involved in domestic
labor, but they're not visible to national income accountants.

In a sense yes, but the question then arises why some forms of
labour are associated with a money payment and others not.
It is not the material form of the labour that is determinant.
The work of a subordinate family member on a peasant farm does
not differ from that of a hired hand in material terms, but there
is no money payment in the former. Why?

Delphi argues that it is a case of the social formation containing
two distinct modes of production, the domestic and the capitalist,
each with their own specific production relations and form of
surplus extraction. Her analysis is that women/wifes are an exploited
class under the domestic mode of production along with other
subordinate family members.

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