Ramos is visiting

Marcus Strom MSTROM at nswtf.org.au
Tue Aug 15 09:23:10 MDT 1995


Fidel Ramos, President of the Philippines, is visiting Australia this
week to drum up investment. In Sydney, at least, two demonstrations
have been organised.

1.     Friday 18 August, 7:30pm, Sheraton on the Park (NOT
        wentworth), Elizabeth St

2.     Saturday, 19 August, 8:30am, Convention Centre, Darling
        Harbour. I know this one is early, but is perhaps the more
        important one.

We will be highlighting Ramos hypocrisy regarding child prostitution.
We will also be highlighting the plight of Filipina brides.
We will also be targetting the role of Australian military aid.

Ramos was one of the so-called Rolex 12. Ferdinand Marcos allegedly
awarded 12 senior supporters with a gold Rolex for their instrumental
support in instituting martial law in 1972.

He was Aquino's "total war" commander.

He is trained in psychological warfare from West Point and Germany.

Come demonstrate.

Pass this message on.

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