Attacks on Turks in Germany and fascism

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> Twining
> -------
> The glasgow anti fascists are twinned with the Hamburg
> ones and arrange mutual exchanges. It seems to work well.
Which anti-fascists? AFA?, ANL???? Let me know Paul.

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For your interest. There has been the formation of locally based
Anti-Fascist Alliances in Sydney and Melbourne. I am involved in the
one in Sydney which is basically a network rather than an active
organisation. We don't wont to give the boneheads any more publicity.
In Sydney, we are basing the network on activists in the union
movement - one of the principal targets of fascism - the organised
working class.

Our brand of fascist is white supremacist thugs: the Australian
National Movement (based in Perth), National Action (Adelaide mainly,
although national). These racists target the Asian and Jewish
communities as well as the Aboriginal community. They are small and
irrelevant but no doubt get inspiration from the rise of fascism in
Europe. If any one is interested in our platform, write to me
personally. If there are any Australians interested, I'll get some
info to you.

In struggle

Marcus, Sydney

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