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Subject: request for solidarity

Dear Friends and colleagues:

I am a lesbian academic from the University of Costa Rica. I know this might
not be the right list to post this message, but we are in an emergency
situation. So, I am rquesting yourlp in poting this message to other womr
womens lists. The women teachers in Costa Rica, including the university
teachers, have been on strike for 24 days now. We are requesting better
salaries, better working conditions and better conditions for our pensions. We
have found a complete repressive attitude from the government. Two days ago,
we had a demonstration of 100,000 people. That demonstration was severely
repressed and many women were injured as a result of the actions of policemen
that did not even wear uniforms. In addition, we have not received our
salaries for over 2 weeks. This is also violence against us.

We are then requesting your solidarity with our movement.

Please send telegrams and faxes to Jose Maria Figueres, Presidente de la
Republica de Costa Rica. Apdo. 100089 San Jose, Costa Rica Fax (506)253-9078.

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