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Valerie Scatamburlo valeries at YorkU.CA
Tue Aug 15 01:26:16 MDT 1995

On Aug 15, 12:52am, Dennis P. Tyler wrote:
> Subject: a question about a text
> I recently acquired a book from Routledge Press called _Whither Marxism?
> Global Crises in International Perspective_.  The blurb on the back says
> it is the companion volume to Derrida's _Specters of Marxism_.  Does
> anyone know anything about these books?  Are they worth reading?  If so,
> would anyone want to read through them together and compare notes?

I don't have the time to elaborate at this moement; however, Derrida's text
is worth looking at.  In it he proclaims that "there will be.. no future
without Marx".  Contrary to much of Derrida's earlier writings which were
both difficult to get through (i.e. very abstract) and very couched in the
anti_Marxist discourse, Derrida's latest book is poetically written and
represents a return to Marxism.  I'd be happy to discuss this in further
detail with you - but it'd have to wait awhile - right now I'm on a deadline.

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