Paul's Polemic

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Tue Aug 15 02:35:39 MDT 1995

	It's good that Burford has replied to Paul Cockshott's itemized
request in such a way that it builds on it/amplifies it.  However, in my
mind, there are, unfortunately, great gaping holes big enough to drive
Mack trucks through in some of what he's saying/suggesting. If most here
would agree with _all_ he is saying, then I, personally, would be a bit
worried about our future course...

	I'll concentrate on what I consider to be the greatest rent in the

On Tue, 15 Aug 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> >>>>>>
> If it is possible then the
> basis for reformist politics exists.
> What political changes in the
> constitution should we fight
> for?
> <<<<<<
> Global politics must be reformist politics. They
> cannot be anything other than reformist. That does
> not preclude energetic democratic action by the
> people most directly involved.

	I'm sorry, but I just do not believe this.  Are you really saying
what I'm reading, Chris??

	I cannot, in my heart of hearts _conceive_ of a world where the
capitalists will not try to stay in a position of *absolute* power, by ANY
means necessary (to borrow a phrase). I _cannot envision_ a future in
which they do not slaughter workers by the MILLIONS, and in which we do
not eventually defeat them MILITARILY.  COMPLETELY and UNCONDITIONALLY.

	Is my vision so narrow that I just can't see what Chris can??

	What Chris says might play well with the yuppies and the church
crowd, but I don't believe things will transpire that way ultimately for a
millisecond.  _That's_ (in large part) why I'm a *communist*...

	Obviously, there are times when we're not in `Show-down' mode with
our Significant Other, and in those times we use other methods -- now is
such an `interlude' -- but it's only that.  It's the eye of the hurricane.
It's our WEAKNESS after the `Fall of Communism' that keeps the capitalists
from persecuting us physically (most of us, anyway...)


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