Slander on Tim W.

TimW333521 at TimW333521 at
Tue Aug 15 07:00:43 MDT 1995

Sorry folks but I have been in the Sierras the last few days so have not been
able to comment on whether or not I have been "slandered."

I, too, find some of the argumentation a bit far fetched.  The logic, if I
follow it, seems to be: Way back when I couldn't stand Tim Wohlforth's
politics.  Now the fellow shows up on the net with entirely different
politics and -- lo and behold -- I can't stand his new politics!

O.K., I can grasp that.  However, I would suggest that instead of trying to
describe me as some kind of Neo-Healyite, or somehow Gerry Healy, the Mad Man
from Clapham, was really just a Social Democrat, or I spoke passionately for
my views twenty years ago and still speak passionately for my views ...maybe,
must maybe, we should discuss the Content of those views!

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