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>If morality has its origin in taboos, what follows?............

OK, I give up. If folks want to take some universal anti-morality position,
and keep all the presuppositions of that position unexamined, then there is
nothing to be done.

The problem is that morality is at base the sets of rules -- some right, some
wrong, some sensible, some ridiculous -- human cultures make for how
relations among their different members should be conducted. To throw out
morality altogether, as opposed to critiquing a particular morality, is to
deny the grounding for any such rules. This is not even the position Trotsky
took in his "Their Morals And Ours" (he argued that all morals were class
specific in some way, but he found it impossible to adequately defend that
position, so he ended up having his intellectual ass whupped by John Dewey on
this particular subject.) And since someone on a Marxism list would seem, by
their very presence here, to believe that some rules for human cultures are
more desirable than other rules, what we are left with is a tacit morallity
which refuses to examine itself.

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