Cultural Studies ... up your ass

Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Tue Aug 15 08:40:02 MDT 1995

Haven't I suffered enough?  Now I have to read Cultural Studies
crap too?  As I said before, my quarrel is not with the Brits, but
with what goes in the USA, including the malodorous bunch of
postcolonial intellectuals that barnacle academia here.

Perhaps the worst aspect of Cultural Studies is its pomo
connection and the impenetrable distracting jargon that comes with
it.  That Cultural Studies has a left wing does not impress me at
all.  Also, people in English Depts. are the biggest dummies on
earth.  And the most corrupt.  Now I'm keeping a keen eye on what
these people are doing with C.L.R. James, but I know that James
will outlast them.  Also, I know a number of disgruntled grad
students, esp. third-worlders, who have seen through this little
academic empire-building game and are seeking strategies to
circumvent it.

Death to Duke University!

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