Cultural Studies ... up your ass

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Tue Aug 15 10:14:33 MDT 1995

On Tue, 15 Aug 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> Haven't I suffered enough?  Now I have to read Cultural Studies
> crap too?  As I said before, my quarrel is not with the Brits, but
> with what goes in the USA, including the malodorous bunch of
> postcolonial intellectuals that barnacle academia here.

Well, why slam cultural studies as a whole if you agree that British
cultural studies is worth looking into?  Your broad sweeps are too
broad... is, say, Paul Gilroy (ex-Birmingham School) one of these
malodorous postcolonial intellectuals?  Ditto Hazel Carby?  Just to pick
out two...

> Perhaps the worst aspect of Cultural Studies is its pomo
> connection and the impenetrable distracting jargon that comes with
> it.  That Cultural Studies has a left wing does not impress me at
> all.  Also, people in English Depts. are the biggest dummies on
> earth.  And the most corrupt.

These suggestions are simply bizarre.

> Death to Duke University!

Well, for the most part I'd be happy to agree with this, at least.

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