Black Belt South, Nation of Islam and islam

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Tue Aug 15 11:55:27 MDT 1995

Your position may not be popular, but, in my opinion, your completely
right. To accomodate to the Kill Rushdie movement, as here in America,
to accomidate to Black anti-Semitism, as much of out left does, is no
better than accomodating to fascism.

Rob "Do ya, Do ya Wanna Dance" Frantz

On Tue, 15 Aug 1995, Jj Plant wrote:

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> >This may be an important approach in uniting with the positive
> >things that draw people to the Nation of Islam, including their
> >position on land, while undermining the negative things.
> >Chris B, London.
> I have a long running argument with some comrades in East London on
> working with islamics. I will not work with islamic groups which have not
> denounced the murder threats to Salman Rushdie (and the actual murders of
> translators and publishers of Satanic Verses). The comrades, while not
> using Chris's exact words, propose a similar position. I recall how large
> numbers of islamic organisations mobilised for the London demonstrations
> against Rushdie, and a Labour councillor spoke on TV supporting the
> murder threats. In my view, such positions are no more acceptable than
> fascist positions, and people who hold them may not be permitted a place
> in political life. My position is not a popular position to hold.
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