Marx's "anti-Semitism"

Rob Frantz rfrantz at
Tue Aug 15 14:41:49 MDT 1995

On Thu, 10 Aug 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> On Thu, 10 Aug 1995, Rob Frantz wrote:
> > Louis-
> > In your posts on Marx's anti-Semitism, you minimized it and called this
> > charge against him a canard. I responded against this, but you make no
> Louis Proyect:
> Look, when I get around to tackling this question, you will find no stone
> unturned in my posts. I just don't have enough time right now to do a
> serious job. I know some people view the Internet as a form of
> entertainment, a way to kill time so to speak, but this is not what I'm
> interested in. When I get around to Marx and the Jewish question, I will
> put in the same effort I'm putting in now around Zimmerwald, etc. If you
> want to see the kind of work I put into my posts, check the FTP archive
> for my articles on computers, socialism, ecology, etc. Believe me, Rob,
> there's nothing in the world that I await with more eager anticipation
> than your off-the-top-of-the-head replies to my posts, but for the time
> being you'll just have to find somebody else to joust with (btw, the word
> is joust, not joist).
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