economic globalisation

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Tue Aug 15 23:04:27 MDT 1995


Car companies need to produce on a world
scale to acheive the economies of production
and to fund the R&D research for new models.
You compete at a world level or you do not
compete at all. I think alot

Will has to be right in identifing the
importance of the further development of
the division of labour as a factor behind
the development of international companies.
But one must also recognise the other aspect,
that an international company is a strategy
of class struggle against the workers.

The further development of the division of
labour is progressive, but this does not mean
that its present social form is either
progressive or inevitable.

One hypothetical alternative is obviously an
international planned economy. More immediately,
were progressive movements able to put strong
curbs on capital flows, one could envisage
the progressive aspects of the economies of
scale being retained via subcontracting,
collaborative agreements etc, of the sort
that typify the aerospace industry.

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