From each according to their ability...

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at
Tue Aug 15 23:48:23 MDT 1995

> I'm trying to confirm a quote by Marx we're going to use in an upcomming
> issue and I need to make sure I get the quote verbatim (though I realize
> there will be variations in translation). The quote is:
> "from each according to his ability, te each according to his need"
> What work did this quote come from, and are there any Web archives where
> I can find a copy?
> Thanks.
> Andrew Rozmiarek
> Staff Editor
> Wired Magazine

	Does this mean that Marx (since Derrida's conversion) is now
wired/cool/non-L7/with-it??  Has the commodification of marxism reached a
new, higher level/synthesis???     |>


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