Lenin's "Imperialism"

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Wed Aug 16 06:06:14 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect:

I'm not "building a Leninist party"; Leninist parties emerge out of a
mass movement, such as the Russian Social Democracy or the struggle to get
rid of colonialism in Indochina. They're not "built" in the way that Gerry
Healy and James P. Cannon conceived. That is what led us to so much grief.

I don't have a "lot of time" to spend on discussion on this list. I work
with computers at Columbia University and check my e-mail several times a
day on the machine on my desk. I prefer e-mail to talking on the phone,
it's just a way for me to break up the day. It doesn't take me long to put
together a reply to the kind of message you just submitted. For a fast-talking,
wisecracking NY Jew like myself, answering posts like your's hardly causes
me to break a sweat.

Anyhow, I'm glad I talked you out of those false beliefs you were
upholding on Lenin's "Imperialism". Let me know if I can be of any
further service.

On Wed, 16 Aug 1995, Chris Bailey wrote:

> On August 15th Louis Proyect writes:
> + Tim Wolforth made his debut on the Marxism list and went straightaway
> + attacking "State and Revolution". Another ex-Healyite, Chris Bailey, has
> + now joined him on the list and is trashing Lenin's "Imperialism" in
> + almost his first day on the list.
> Chris Bailey:
> Actually Louis, I've been on the list as long as you have, right from
> the beginning. I've even had "exchanges" with you in the past. It's
> just that I don't have as much time to spend here as you seem to. For
> a guy that's in there building the Leninist party I wonder how the
> hell you manage to do it!
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