Slander on Tim W.

Zodiac zodiac at
Wed Aug 16 14:06:14 MDT 1995

On Tue, 15 Aug 1995, kevin john geiger wrote:

> I don't know Louis or you or Tim Wohlforth too well.  But I respect what
> Louis writes because he is intelligent in his responses and is
> thorough.

Hell, I don't know Louis or Rob AT ALL. But, from what little I see of
them online, Louis is articulate and to-the-point, while Rob Frantz is
laboring under some sort of misanthropy. Perhaps some sort of grudge.
While I've been on the list from its foundation last July, there have been
periods where I've had to ignore _megs_ of posts. Perhaps I've missed
Louis's more evil posts.

There seems to be personal history here I'm not aware of.

Anyway -- I don't know if politically agree on everything (or anything),
Louis, but I enjoy your writing style: it's sharp, concise, intelligent,
and devoid of "academese."


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