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On Wed, 16 Aug 1995, Zodiac wrote:

> "As for the draft Rules [of the General Federation of German Trade
> Unions, just formed on September 26, upon a highly centralized
> foundation], I consider them erroneous in principle, and I believe I
> have had as much experience in the trade union field as any of my
> contemporaries. Without going further into details I only want to
> remark that _centralist_ organization, although very useful for secret
> societies and sectarian movements, goes against the nature of trade
> unions. Even if it were possible -- I state outright that it is
> impossible -- it would not be desirable, and least of all in Germany.
> Here, where the worker's life is regulated from childhood on by
> bureaucracy, and he himself believes in the authorities, in the bodies
> appointed over him, he must be taught before all else to walk by
> himself."

	I've often heard allusions to just such a stance by Marx, but this
is the first time(?) I believe I've ever seen it in writing.  Thanx a

	Now... what have the Marxist-Leninists to say about THIS?


	P.S.:  There's been no comment to my question on `our' position on
the Communist Party of China.  It's an important enough question that I'll
ask it again here...


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