Splitting the list

pmac pmac at world.net
Wed Aug 16 22:52:42 MDT 1995

Unfortunately there may be some value in splitting the list.
Obviously some are frustrated by not being able to engage in dialogue
on purely theoretical applications of Marxism/Hegelianism/etc. There
are others who regard these constant academic tennis-matches as
overly turgid and not relevant to day-to-day political practice.
While I'd probably place myself in the latter group, there is no
denying that pure theoretical labour does not have it's value at
times. So maybe there  should be distinctive lists to deal with both
views (both of course being accessable to all).

However, if there is to be a dicision it should NOT be on a purely
theory/practice bases. Pure theory may well be valuable for academic
and personal clarification but political practice is dead in the
water without constant theoretical appraisal and polemic. Any listing
that aims to be more "activist"  based needs to have a polemical
aspect to it that we can use to inform our work and share information
and contacts.

This is probably a very rushed posting, but I hope to see some
further developments inthe future.


Anthony McLaughlin

Horse Trailer.

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