Slander on Tim W.

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Thu Aug 17 09:18:03 MDT 1995

On Thu, 17 Aug 1995 TimW333521 at wrote:
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> Today I propose that genocide in the former Yugoslavia  --perpetrated by ANY
> side -- should be stopped.  I advocate the use of force to stop it as no one
> is listening to anything else.  I support a call to the UN --imperfect tool
> that it is -- to use such force, as there is NO OTHER TOOL!
> ...

	The TOOL is Marxism:  a method of analysis and a guide to political
action for working people.  Individual marxists and Workers organizations
need to learn to use this tool to stop the genocide in the former
Yugoslavia. This is already happening to a small extent.
	 No other tool will work.  The UN is a tool of imperialism.

	Re-reading Lenin and Trotsky would be a much bigger help in this than
reading the social democratic crap of DSA, In These Times, The Nation
(for the most part), etc... .
 				-- Jeff Booth	

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