Slander on Tim W.

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Aug 17 12:04:15 MDT 1995

At 9:48 AM 8/17/95, kevin john geiger wrote:

>As George Washington Hayduke once said, "What trees?"  Seriously, I know
>I am much more balanced when not in an urban setting.  How can i say this
>without being flamed...the urban setting will be the power behind
>any movement away from capitalism.  The prison that it is will feed a
>fire that will move us to the other side...justice, trees, nature, aesthetic
>values, lack of repressive, the species being of man.

Gee, and I thought cities were cosmopolitan, the basis of civilization, and
that rural life encouraged individualism and xenophobia. Let's leave the
trees be so they can pump oxygen for us instead of flattening them for new
suburbs and edge cities.



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