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Thu Aug 17 15:24:38 MDT 1995

On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, kevin john geiger wrote:

> 	Jim, you do raise a good point on the position of China's
> leadership and the lefts support/condemnation of the Communist party.  I
> am a purist, so it is tough to consider the leadership in China as
> communists.

	I'm sure there are many genuine communists in China, but the top
leadership uses their rhetoric about primitive(?) accumulation to hide the
basic fact that they are now communists in name only, IMO.

	Maybe the Gang of Four were right!   ;>

  Regardless, there *has* been oppression and violence against
> students, workers, protesters.  The memories of Tian'anmen square will
> remain in my mind forever and I can't ignore the repression underway in
> Tibet.  (FREE TIBET!)

	This is a real dilemma for me... On the one hand, I naturally
support the Tibetans' right to self-determination -- but on the other
hand, I really don't support the backwards and reactionary (thus
objectively in the capitalist camp) Buddhist leadership, and the control
they hold over the people thru keeping them ignorant and superstitious...

	The Dalai Lama is almost as big a phony bastard as the Pope...

> 	I would argue China is not a Communist country.  In the last 15
> years China has *embraced* capitalism and they appear to be doing a good
> job at it. (sadly)

	Like I said above, there are many true communists in China, but
they are apparently not to be found among the leadership...

   What has remained is a repressive government
> controlled by a coterie of party officials.  I am no expert on Chinese
> politics but I think they are at an interesting junction:  keep moving in
> a capitalist direction or return to their "roots".  Of course, another
> important question here is whether these movements will have repressive
> sides to them.  I bet they will.  As someone aptly pointed out on the
> list recently, party formations, changes in ideology, the making of a
> government is, by nature, repressive.

	I don't think it's quite that simple, though it sure is in the
usual Lowest Common Denominator situation.  How do you organize society?
Does a parent have a `right' to control the child, even, by that logic??


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